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Requesting Files

Getting people to send you the files is hard enough; you don’t need technology getting in the way.

With the new Request Files from Others button, you can send a link requesting the files, and all the recipient needs to do is click the link, drop the files into the box and click Send.

TonicDM will email you and them an automatically created transmittal, and log the transfer into your project File Transfer log so all the details are recorded.


Default Submittal Actions

The Organization Settings page now includes a section for configuring the default Submittal Actions that will apply to all projects.

After the default Submittal Actions have been configured, each new project will start with these. If like most firms, all projects use the same submittal stamp, there will be no need to adjust the Submittal Actions per project. If a project does need a different set of Submittal Actions, this can be set up in that project’s Project Settings.


Only your Organization Admins can configure the default submittal actions.

Edit Contacts

Editing contacts in the TonicDM Outlook sidebar is quick and easy.

On the Team tab for your project, hover over contact.

  • Click the email icon to send them an email.

  • Click the pencil icon to edit the contact details. A page will open allowing you to enter new contact information. This updates the contact for your entire organization, not just this one project.

  • Clicking the person-x icon will de-activate the contact on this project. This is how you should remove people who don’t need to be listed on the project team.

2019-03-26 Edit Contacts.png

Locking Projects

Many firms have projects that not all staff should have access to. This could be because of an NDA or confidentiality agreement signed with a client, or it could be a “project” set up for an internal department like HR or accounting.

In these situations you now have the ability in TonicDM to lock the project. Locked projects can only be accessed by active team members: by controlling who is active on the team, you can control who has access to the project.

How To

The “Lock” setting is an option in the Project Settings. This setting can only be changed by your TonicDM Administrators or by TonicDM Support.

2019-01-13.181611 Locked Project Settings 2.png

When projects are locked, they are tagged in the project listing,

2019-01-13.165659 Project List with Locked.png

When staff view the organization’s project listing, the locked projects will be marked either with:

  • a red locked symbol, meaning the person is not an active team member and therefore cannot access this project.

  • a green unlocked symbol, meaning the project is locked but the person is an active team member and therefore has access to it.

If the project is not locked, no symbol is shown, and anyone in your organization can access the project.

TonicDM vs. Newforma

Many people approach us looking for an alternative to Newforma Project Center. In this webinar we show the ways Tonic DM and Newforma are similar and the ways they are different.

Whether you’re preparing to whip your firm’s information into shape, or you currently have Newforma Project Center infrastructure but would like to know what’s out in the market, this webinar will help you compare solutions from a practical point of view.