Core Values

Maximize ease of use

Grow and change as the industry evolves

Build together with our customers

Provide the best solutions and service possible

Have a fanatical love of software design

Creating better.
Being better.

Our Journey

At TonicDM, our story began just like many other businesses, fueled by frustration and an idea that refused to go away.

As professionals in the architecture and engineering field, we spent years grappling with outdated and costly project information management (PIM) solutions. These tools made simple tasks needlessly complicated, demanded excessive IT infrastructure, and had licensing structures that drove us bonkers. We knew there was a better way, and we were determined to make a difference.

Our vision was to create a solution that catered precisely to the needs of those who rely on it — no more, no less. We wanted to provide a tool that was easy to use, elegant in its simplicity, and capable of resolving the common yet intricate problems faced by design firms when it comes to PIM.

As the idea began to take shape, we eagerly shared it with others. We engaged in conversations with software companies, sought the opinions of IT leaders from various organizations, and discussed our concepts in roundtable meetings and social gatherings. The feedback we received was invaluable, and we were fortunate to gather a group of trusted advisors along the way. It became evident that existing software companies lacked the willingness to innovate and think differently. That realization led to the birth of TonicDM.

Today, we proudly serve as the chosen solution for hundreds of architecture and engineering firms. Our platform was meticulously crafted with the AE industry in mind and seamlessly integrates with firms of all sizes. We place great importance on the user experience, and we work hand in hand with our customers to continuously enhance and refine TonicDM. We genuinely enjoy engaging in discussions about the challenges that impact AE businesses, in person and in webinars.

Behind TonicDM stands a dynamic and growing team, united by a shared passion for technology and design. We are committed to helping you succeed by simplifying your workflow and building a brighter future for the AE industry together!

Where We Are Heading

At TonicDM, the future looks incredibly promising, and we couldn't be more excited. Our journey involves working hand in hand with design firms to create the software they need, not only for today but also for tomorrow. We're dedicated to ensuring that our customers have the tools necessary to thrive in the evolving world of design for the built environment.

In the coming years we will take our PIM wizardry to new heights: delighting our customers with the wealth of data generated within TonicDM, enabling them to efficiently manage their projects and teams like never before, and empowering them with valuable insights that make their lives easier and their work more impactful.

We will grow and adapt alongside the architecture and engineering industry. We understand that future designers will expect intuitive software that requires little to no training. We are determined to stay ahead of the technology curve, ensuring that our solutions align seamlessly with the needs of existing and emerging professionals.

We're dedicated to being a trusted partner that design firms can rely on, providing innovative solutions that simplify processes, save time, and unleash creative potential.

We're thrilled to have you along for this exciting ride!

Your team at TonicDM

If you’re here to learn more about us, excellent! We hope you have a sense of who we are, and we invite you to discover if TonicDM is a fit for your firm by talking with us today. Please contact us and discover the difference that thoughtfully considered software can make.

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