Confidential Email

Each project can have one or more project executives. If you are a project executive you have the option to mark email that you file for that project as confidential

Confidential email can be seen only by other project executives on that project and the individuals who were recipients of that email. 
Note: the organization-level admins in TonicDM are able to see all email for every project.

How To

If you have executive access to the project (as described above) you will have the Confidential option when filing email. Turn this on if you want to hide the filed email from staff who don't have executive access.

Confidential 01.png

Email that is Confidential is shown with the briefcase icon in the left margin. 

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Filing Multiple Emails

Filing emails one by one isn’t practical for large set of email, so setting up a drop folder can help.

How To

Simply create a sub-folder in Outlook and give it a name that starts with your exact project number. Now move emails into that folder and voila! they'll be automatically filed in that project.

When you move emails into the drop folder, it can take up to 5 minutes for
the system to detect them and start filing.


Using an Existing Folder

Ensure the existing folder name starts with your exact project number, then move at least one email into it. This will trigger TonicDM to file all the email in that folder.

It’s also nice if you sort your project email into Outlook sub-folders already, since your email will be filed automatically when you move it to your project sub-folders in Outlook.


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