Tonic DM Webinar Series


BIM is Dead. Long live BIM.

October 4th 2018, 11am- 11:30am PST

A look at the way BIM has driven design and an opportunity to recreate BIM for the future.


The fantasy of CDE

October 11th 2018, 11am- 11:30am PST

The fantasy of the Common Data Environment (CDE). The reality of document management and the larger impact on the industry.


Tonic DM versus Newforma

October 18th 2018, 11am- 11:30am PST

Same problem – radically different solutions.


Inside Tonic DM

November 01st 2018, 11am- 11:30am PST

Taking Tonic for a spin with use cases and real-world examples of how Tonic will cure project document management ills.