Extranet Evolution highlights TonicDM

Extranet Evolution, a digital publication that has tracked AEC collaboration and information management since 2005, published a nice overview of Tonic.


Paul brings up excellent points regarding whether TonicDM can remain simple and easy as it evolves, and whether solutions such as TonicDM will remain relevant in the BIM / cloud technological landscape.

At Tonic, simplicity is a core value of the company. It drives everything we do. Why? Because we believe simplicity has value. The solution to increasing complexity of our personal and professional lives is not more complexity, it’s radical simplicity. This is why we have no hesitation saying simplicity is here to stay at TonicDM!

We also believe solutions like TonicDM have become increasingly valuable in the hyper-connected world of BIM and the cloud. AEC projects are delivered by a large number of companies working together, so the project will collaborate using Common Data Environments (CDE), but each participating company needs a System of Record (SoR) to track their involvement. That’s where TonicDM comes in. The more connected project collaboration becomes, the more important it is for companies to have streamlined internal record keeping.

For further discussion of the role played by the Common Data Environment and the System of Record, see this 15 min Webinar recording: The Fantasy of the CDE