BIM is Dead. Long live BIM.

BIM has been around for quite a while now. During the early days there was a lot of optimism about how this thing called BIM would solve all manner of problems in the design (AE) professions. Design was certainly going to become shorter and cheaper, 2D documents would soon disappear (as soon as jurisdictions agreed to plan-check in 3D) and the computer would become an assistant, calculating things like energy use and code compliance real-time.

But when we look at where we’ve got so far: we’ve achieved somewhat better coordinated document sets.

Why hasn’t design become shorter and cheaper? Why isn’t BIM “a partner in the design process”?

In this 15 min webinar we discuss how design adds value, how our current conception of BIM fits into that (or doesn’t) and we propose a new way of looking at BIM as a value-creating tool in the design process.