These e-Learning videos will help you understand how Tonic DM fits into your workflow, and how to complete various project imformation management tasks using it.


Introduction — 1½ mins

What is Tonic DM and what is it useful for?


Managing Email — 4 mins

Learn how to use the Outlook Sidebar to find project email and set email as “Executive Access Only” (if you have been granted Executive Access on the project).


Filing Email — 3 Mins

There are different methods for filing email into your project using Tonic DM depending on your needs. Learn the 2 most common here.


Upload and Send Files — 3 Mins

You can use Tonic DM to send files and folders to project collaborators and keep a transferred files log at the same time.


Review and Help — 15 Secs

A quick review of topics and how to get more help. Remember: we're here to ensure your success.