Streamline project information management with Tonic DM

Tonic DM is a powerful and easy-to-use document management system for the design side of the building industry, including architects, interior designers, landscape architects, engineers and design consultants.

Because it is built specifically for design, it is easier to use than systems created for construction teams or generic consumer systems.

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Collaborative features that save you time


Are project emails stuck in personal inboxes?

Email management that's a snap

Correspondence should be part of the project record. Tonic DM makes this easy.

Filed emails are organized by project so staff can keep up-to-date with the team's correspondence. Powerful filtering and search allow emails to be recalled quickly.

Automation handles most email filing, reducing the burden on staff and increasing the completeness of the project records.

Filed emails are stored in the cloud and can optionally be synced down to the project folders on your local network.

  • Requires Microsoft Office 365.

  • Works with Outlook on PC, Mac and web.


Do all your sent and received files get saved in your project records?

A faster way to send files

Getting files from A to B should be a no brainer, yet we still use personal accounts in Dropbox or WeTransfer.

While these systems are fast and easy to use, many official transfers don't get saved in the project record.

Sending files with Tonic DM is as easy as sending an email, plus:

  • You can include large files (up to 2GB each)
  • Uploaded folders retain their folder structure
  • It's easy to see when the recipients download the files

Tonic DM creates the transmittal automatically, tracks who downloaded what and when, and maintains those records under your control.

Do you spend time manually logging RFIs and submittals?


Tonic DM's RFI and submittal management system is customized for the needs of design teams.

Communicate privately and efficiently within the design team, and leverage integrations with Procore and email to streamline GC communications.

Keep excellent records with effectively no data entry with each participating organization getting logs and documentation that remain under their control.


Are you managing design projects on systems intended for contractors?


Tonic DM is 100% focused on design teams in the building industry.

This means we can eliminate typical complexities and provide pre-configured workflows, automated record keeping and a minimalist interface requiring practically no setup or training.

We've streamlined project infomation management, from quickly inviting your project partners to a concise reminder in the morning if there are items that need your attention. Tonic DM is simple and easy.

With Tonic DM your firm will be getting project email, file sharing, and CA logs under control in just 5 minutes.
Sign up is simple. No credit card required.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Tonic DM?

Tonic Document Management is a cloud-hosted and easy-to-use email, RFI and submittal management system specific to design teams in the building industry.

What can Tonic DM be used for?

You can use Tonic DM to file and search project email, send large files (and folders), and track RFIs and submittals within your organization. You can collaborate with other organizations by forwarding items for them to respond to. You are always in control of what you manage internally, and what you collaborate on externally.

What makes Tonic DM different?

We are 100% dedicated to designers and design consultants working in the building industry. This allows us to build project information management tools that are more focused and easier to use.

What is Zero Data Entry?

Re-entering data that already exists is just plain painful. Tonic DM focuses on providing features that eliminate this. For example: import an RFI or submittal from Procore, forward it to consultants, receive their replies and submit your response back to Procore, all with a few clicks. We can also import email notifications from contractor systems to save most data entry.

Do the people I send items to also need to be Tonic DM users?

No. When you send out files, or collaborate on RFIs and submittals, your recipients will receive an email notification which includes a link they can use to access the information.

However, if they also use Tonic DM, the items you send them will automatically be filed in their organization's Tonic DM account, and their responses back to you will be automatically be filed with the items you sent them.

Is Tonic DM intended to replace our company server?

No. Tonic DM is intended to be an organized copy of the email, issued files, RFIs and submittals that you want to keep for record purposes. It is not intended to replace your organization's file server.

Do I have to install software?

Tonic DM is a web application, so there is no software to install and there are no servers to manage.


For the speed and complexity of modern projects, use Tonic DM to simplify collaboration, improve transparency, and ensure completeness of records.