TonicDM is the easiest solution for:
— email management
— file transfers
— RFIs and submittals

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Benefits for you... and your organization

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Save Time

Eliminate time-consuming processes for sending files, managing RFIs and submittals and filing email by project.

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Manage Risk

Automate project record keeping, ensuring it gets done correctly every time.

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Streamline Teamwork

Get all participating organizations on the same page in minutes, on every project, at no additional cost.


  • The fastest system for transferring files, managing emails and tracking RFIs and submittals.

  • Get started right away. We're obsessed with making everything easy for you.

  • Integrated with Procore and email minimizing the need to log into the GC's construction management system.

  • An original unchanged copy of sent/received documents is available on Tonic DM, even if your local copy has been edited.

  • Automatic record keeping allows you to fulfill requirements for record keeping with no additional effort.


  • Raise job satisfaction by empowering staff with easy to use tools.

  • All data stays with your organization (instead of owner or GC controlled sites) building a valuable design history for your firm.

  • Increase transparency with easy to navigate shared records, keeping everyone informed.

  • Mitigate confusion by providing a suit of tools that streamline common tasks (which staff would otherwise use their personal systems for).

  • Automated record keeping frees up staff for higher value work and mitigates the risk of lost records.


  • Compliance with risk management policies is most successful when the "right way" is also the easiest way.

  • Protection of original documents is built into Tonic DM, meaning the original, unchanged copy is always available for review.

  • Audit when a recipient chose to download documents relative to when your staff issued them.

  • Comprehensive record keeping across channels where important project decisions are made.

  • Lowering complexity reduces mistakes, which is why we're obsessed with ease-of-use.


  • Offer the staff a great solution for collaboration and records management with no effort on your part.

  • No training required for the staff. No set up or system administration required.

  • Reduce complexity in your infrastructure with a cloud-based service accessed via a 100% browser-based client or optional Outlook add-in.

  • Fast responses should your staff need assistance with a chat bubble available within the software.

  • Industry standard infrastructure (AWS) and security protocols.

  • Azure AD and Deltek integration for effortless management of users and projects.


These built-in integrations come standard with Tonic DM:

  • Microsoft Office 365 for filing email into your project records.

  • Procore to eliminate the need to copy-type RFI and submittal data.

  • Azure AD for enterprise user management.

  • Deltek Vision and Ajera for syncing project information.

Tonic DM is a cloud service where your organization can manage project email, file distribution and construction administration, including collaborating with other organizations (whether or not they have a Tonic DM account).