Frequently Asked Questions


What is Tonic DM?

Tonic Document Management is a cloud-hosted and easy-to-use email, RFI and submittal management system specific to design teams in the building industry.

What can Tonic DM be used for?

You can use Tonic DM to file and search project email, send large files (and folders), and track RFIs and submittals within your organization. You can collaborate with other organizations by forwarding items for them to respond to. You are always in control of what you manage internally, and what you collaborate on externally.

What makes Tonic DM different?

We are 100% dedicated to professionals in the building industry. This allows us to build project information management tools that are more focused and easier to use.

What is Zero Data Entry?

Re-entering data that already exists is just plain painful. Tonic DM focuses on providing features that eliminate this. For example: import an RFI or submittal from Procore, forward it to consultants, receive their replies and submit your response back to Procore, all with a few clicks. We can also import email notifications from contractor systems to save most data entry.

Do the people I send items to also need to be Tonic DM users?

No. When you send out files, or collaborate on RFIs and submittals, your recipients will receive an email notification which includes a link they can use to access the information.

However, if they also use Tonic DM, the items you send them will automatically be filed in their organization's Tonic DM account, and their responses back to you will be automatically be filed with the items you sent them.

Is Tonic DM intended to replace our company server?

No. Tonic DM is intended to be an organized copy of the email, issued files, RFIs and submittals that you want to keep for record purposes. It is not intended to replace your organization's file server.

Do I have to install software?

Tonic DM is a web application, so there is no software to install and there are no servers to manage.